ARUA, founded in 2009 by Aurelia Huluba, is a Romanian architectural design company specializing in architecture, urban development, interior design projects, management project consultancy and infrastructural projects.


In our opinion, architecture is primarily a social item, represents the dynamic result of the contradictory dialogue between economic, cultural and social interests which are interacting for each project.
We are stimulated by both the collective dimension of work and by work on collective areas.
It is important for us to place this attitude at the heart of a project’s design process. This process is not linear but iterative, not static but dynamic, not only intellectual and abstract but also organic and concrete.
On the other hand, this permanent responsiveness towards the sphere of possibilities also involves the capacity of making choices among all the solicitations we are receiving.


Human ressources
We optimize work quality with our various building partners (Romanian or from other countries). Creative work is done collectively. This phase is followed by a common design phase, during which everybody makes a written or drawn contribution to the general reflexion.

About 20 people work in our office in Bucharest:
- project managers
- assistant architects or engineers
- interior designers
- a quantity surveying department
- an administrative department
- an accounting department
- a communication department
- a computing department
- an environmental engineering department

Technical ressources
Arua Create Design owns performant technical resources, as well as 100 sqm premises at the heart of Bucharest, next to “Unirii” Square. Our technical resources enable us to rapidly meet heavy workloads and tight deadlines. Our practice works with various consultants and subconsultants (such as quantity surveyors, engineering firms and contractors). Through the use of Computer Data Exchange, work plans are digitally exchanged at different design stages. Thus, through the use of extranet, an optimal and thorough study of graphic documents becomes possible.

ARUA’s organizational structure accommodates our objective to be a flexible partner in challenging projects. We strive for quick and efficient processes, and we constantly evaluate and renew our working techniques.

As a network practice, a highly flexible methodological approach has been developed which incorporates parametric designing and collaborations with leading specialists in other disciplines. With this network approach ARUA can set-up multidisciplinary teams from early stages onwards in order to create an efficient and integrated working process. This dynamic nature of the practice enables the exploration of new territories and the adaptation to future challenges.

The research and development of design, data processing, technique and details, processing technical consequences and architectural supervision of ARUA has been found to conform the Standard SR-OHSAS 18001:2008; SR-EN-ISO 14001: 2005 and SR-EN-ISO 9001:2008 since 2010.